Sugar flowers are a stunning addition to any wedding or celebration cake. A beautiful keepsake memory from your special day.

My realistic sugar flowers are inspired by fresh flowers. Each petal is carefully cut, shaped and coloured to match your theme. Wired and non-wired versions can be made depending on your requirements.

Please note : My sugar flowers are created exclusively for our cakes and are not sold separately.

How to Store Sugar Flowers

Sugar flowers should not be refrigerated or frozen. They can be stored wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a small cardboard box. They need to be kept away from moisture, heat and sunlight as this will fade the colours.


Lisianthus sugar flowers
Non-wired sugar rose flowers
Wired pink fringed Peony flower
Wired Blue Water Lily flower
Pink and White Peony flower
Dog Rose flower
Woodland flowers
Vintage Pink Roses
Lemon Cabbage Rose

Sugar Flowers